"I was born in a small town called Krymsk [which experienced awful flooding last year]. Later on, I moved with my parents to the city of Krasnodar. My love for electronic music began when I was about fourteen years old. It happened because of my older brother. Whenever he wasn't home, I'd constantly be digging around in his large collection of cassette tapes. When I was fifteen, I then found my father's collection of disk drives - with music software on them. I installed something on a computer, pressed the 'record' button - and it turned out to be a virtual Roland TB 303 bass!"


Kött/Koett – A Walk in the Spring Rain
Kött/Koett – Blacksad
Kött/Koett – Assembled In
Kött/Koett – Fusion MK
Kött/Koett – Faith Aux
Kött/Koett – Great Black (w. Wellbeck)