"Russia doesn't have a half-decent publication with news about the culture of domestic electronic music. I mean there's neither a magazine, nor a good website dedicated to such things. Sure, people may attend clubs, but they stick to themselves, while promoters exist within their own little 'cosmos.' If you compare us to Europe, we're existing on some very basic level indeed... In our instance, it would be better to ask whether anybody is even surviving in the Russian jungle!"


Korablove – Between Words
Korablove – Emptied Gestures
Korablove – TB or not TB
Korablove – Gaping Void (AN:TI remix)
Korablove – Boredom Pays
Korablove – One Day Without You
Korablove – Sociopath feat. Ed Vertov
Korablove – Nothing To Say feat. Ryba
Korablove – Dal Dubu