Romantic metaphors inform these new recordings, all borrowed from discussions of open forests, boundless oceans, and "schizoid" thought. Daily life, however, stubbornly refuses to cooperate.
Quiet, contemplative instrumentals from Omsk, Kazan, St. Petersburg and Moscow consider the limits of self-assurance. The size and sweep of the Russian landscape prompts a grandeur beyond chutzpah.
From Moscow, Novosibirsk, and maybe even further come various new instrumentals dedicated to some absent object of desire. People and locations are considered in terms of distant possibilities - and a present sense of lack.
Three recent publications from Moscow have been closely tied to aspects of the capital's nightlife. In fact, on some occasions the music even reflects the history or outlook of the venue from which it comes.
A number of ambient and minimal releases this week focus upon some daunting vistas. From a classically flat and windy Baltic seashore we move to grander considerations of outer space. In between, however, we stumble across the limits of human sanity.
Two of Russia's finest DJs are close friends from the southern town of Samara: Alla Farmer and Lena Deen. Together they celebrate the benefits of living far from Moscow's noise and nastiness
With the summer now behind us, some of the season's events have been pleasingly/productively summarized - by various people in different places. Visitors at all manner of functions have uploaded memorabilia in a haphazard fashion. Photographs will appear from one attendee, with a little video fr...
Yuka is a female DJ now based in Moscow (where she has lived since 1998), but who began her career in distant Bratsk, Siberia. The town - a local industrial center - is probably more famous for what it dumps than what it makes; in the recent past it was listed as one of the thirty most polluted...
A very appealing compilation CD appeared recently by the name of "Salat, Moskva!" - which, although it translates as "Moscow: Salad!" is presumably a play upon the French greeting "Salut!" and therefore an invitation to shared festivities. The bands taking part were reason enough for us to inves...
In this third and final report on Moscow's MIGZ festival of Modern Music and Media Arts, we'll say a few words about Pro-Tez, who will be presenting a showcase of their artists.  More precisely, this will consist of Mujuice, B-Voice & KHz, and DJ Korablove, among others. Pro-Tez is...


Korablove – TB or not TB
Korablove – Gaping Void (AN:TI remix)
Korablove – Boredom Pays
Korablove – One Day Without You
Korablove – Sociopath feat. Ed Vertov
Korablove – Nothing To Say feat. Ryba
Korablove – Dal Dubu
Korablove – Silence


Spirit of an Age
90 (Pompeya)