Consider the Novosibirsk band Kometjakten. Physical co-presence can be an impossibility in that snow-blown part of Russia; friends and family are kept far apart. Building a fan-base across windswept, icy Siberia is no easy matter. As a digital reflection of physical geography, Kometjakten's webpages continue to be, for the most part, rather sparse. The only texts of consequence can be small, fleeting exchanges between the group and its concert-bound admirers, all of whom are trying to reach the same destinations - at the same time. People are struggling to come together.


Kometjakten – Hitta Din Egen John Paul Jones
Kometjakten – Piloten Nummer Ett
Kometjakten – Inget Behov av att Jakta pa
Kometjakten – Ndrmare Fcr Att Stjdrnor