Jakob Juhkam / jjuhkam

Juhkam: "I don't believe there's gonna be any human beings in the year 3000. Maybe some bacteria, slugs, and stuff - so if I had to say anything to people in the year 3000, I would probably try to talk to them in bacteria language." He then, with a grin, mumbles a series of extended vowels. True, unbridled visions, knowing no limit, will touch upon the ineffable - and therefore lie outside the realm of normative expression. Limitlessness has no name. Hence the famous quote attributed - perhaps wrongly - to this same musician: "Writing about music is like dancing about architecture."


Jakob Juhkam – Juhtum (The Case)
Jakob Juhkam – Vaenlase Kook (Enemy's Kitchen)
Jakob Juhkam – Hr Vincent (Mr. Vincent)