Jhoni Foxx

A new EP has appeared from St. Petersburg's Neon Lights. The duo's enduring love affair for '80s synth-pop suggests that actuality remains frustratingly dull. Other releases this week chase similar dreams.
Four new semi-acoustic recordings consider the benefits of small-scale dreaming. Easy-going reverie may promise a simple existence, but it's also accompanied by material risk. Romance, so to speak, does not come cheap.
Leftfield instrumentals from St. Petersburg, Murmansk, and Minsk this week all cast a fond glance beyond their city limits. Various musicians, either directly or metaphorically, imagine the countryside as somewhere kinder and quieter.


Jhoni Foxx – Flower Birds
Jhoni Foxx – Virginity (with Livelong)
Jhoni Foxx – We Walk (Saycet Remix)