Jekka / Евгения Недосекина

Jekka was a recent guest at the Red Bull Academy in St. Petersburg, where a range of young Russian performers were introduced to the technical aspects of a rapidly changing field. The first concern she had about the material on display was its lack of language or poetic structure, with so many artists opting for instrumentals over and above songs. The widening networks of international, web-based music have meant for many Slavic composers that their native language is something of a professional burden. Russian is hardly the stuff of global karaoke or international shopping.

And so Jekka writes: "There are so many [instrumental] producers right now that it's hard to keep track of them. Sometimes I feel as if the time-honored culture of songwriting is fading away somewhere. Occasionally I feel I'm too old-fashioned myself, but I can't move in a completely different direction. Is beatmaking [really] the future?" Elsewhere she has expressed concerns about the "sameness" of the creativity encountered at Red Bull. "Music is becoming too global, too similar. There's no real difference between the kind of music one makes in Europe, the US, or Russia."


Jekka – 2K (with Raumskaya)
Jekka – Slave for You (with Raumskaya)
Jekka – On & On
Jekka – I Remember
Jekka – The Dream I Had
Jekka – Tokyo Feeling
Jekka – Foreign
Jekka – Broken Clocks
Jekka – Birds
Jekka – Foreign