January's Dress

The band known as January's Dress is from Nizhnii Novgorod: Sergei Kashkovsky, Dmitrii Tochilin, Vladimir Skorokhodov, Evgenii Makarov, and Aleksandr Midov. They prefer to employ the tags of post-hardcore and screamo, but what's surprising is that those maximally noisy, contrary registers are not reflected in real-life behavior. Put differently, if RadioAugust and ED use their chosen formats in order to protest (or repress) the failings of actuality, then for January's Dress any onstage ranting and raving serves a cathartic function. It allows the band members - having vented! - to go about their business in a remarkably level-headed way. No matter the geographic, financial, or social obstacles on the horizon, depression and despair are held at arm's length.