Jack Wood

When we first encountered the garage outfit called Jack Wood, they were unwilling to name their hometown, but nonetheless appeared to live somewhere close to Tomsk, Eastern Siberia. There were certainly connections to the Tomsk outfit te Disband, about whom we've written before. Drawing overtly upon the "lo-fi blues traditions of the '60s," the band made the somewhat daring suggestion that God(!) had already assessed their music as "orgasmic" in tone. Equally unlikely was the claim that these songs are enjoying high rotation in the music stores of Bristol.

What seemed at first glance to be mere epatage actually began to show signs of the yearning for social membership. Jack Wood, clearly influenced by the White Stripes, linked their page at Vkontakte to a couple of private profiles - presumably those of the group members. With nothing more than one promotional image, the absence of textual information made establishing concrete identities very difficult. A flight from speech was made in favor of vaguer processes. Although those linked, often gothic pages were full of monochrome misery - and worrying assertions that "the dead have no emotions" - there were still clear signs that even this lo-fi, confrontational sound is designed to offer consolation and therefore (eventually...) contentment.


Группа собралась в Томске в 2011 году. Название Jack Wood появилось в честь пса Джека, похороненного гитаристом и вокалисткой в лесу, возле которого спустя несколько лет они встретили ударника группы. Демо-альбом был записан за ночь, после чего коллектив дал несколько выступлений в Москве и обратил на себя внимание критиков. В 2012 Jack Wood за несколько дней записывают одноименный дебютный альбом.

В 2012 году Jack Wood взяли "гран-при" на фестивале "Шурф-Зима-Жара" в Воронеже.

В 2012 году группа была номинирована в категории «Дебют» премии «Степной волк» Артемия Троицкого и одержала победу на фестивале «Индюшата» Александра Кушнира.


Jack Wood – Devilishly
Jack Wood – Vice
Jack Wood – Stoned
Jack Wood – Precision Shot
Jack Wood – I Swear London
Jack Wood – Nevercomeback Girl
Jack Wood – Empty Eyes
Jack Wood – First Day of July
Jack Wood – Born Underground