J Milto / Dmitry Makarenko

Electronic and electroacoustic releases from Moscow, Samara, and Minsk pay attention to a range of hidden significances. Some lie within tiny objects, others lurk on the edge of burial sites.
The young, yet productive netlabel Santon Records has announced an important compilation: "Crystal Waves." It showcases a wide range of artists working in future bass, trap, fidget house, and similar dancefloor styles.
Four recordings from opposite ends of the Russian landscape draw a parallel between "sonic hypnosis" and hallucinogenic mushrooms. Life in a distant town, it seems, aids that sensation of dropping out.


J Milto – Kinda
J Milto – Brightxn B.
J Milto – Fleew
J Milto – Japanese Luv
J Milto – Raindrops
J Milto – Kyhnya
J Milto – You Take My Love