The Ryazan outfit IWFYLS sit somewhere between these two extremes of local melancholy and stargazing optimism. Ryazan itself was founded perhaps in 800AD - and is situated approximately 120 miles south of Moscow. The first time we investigated the band's work in this ancient setting, a vague and tempered sense of hope was on show. "There are plenty of causes for inspiration here in Russia... The modern world certainly has problems - when it comes to how emotions might be reflected [in musical form]. People are becoming increasingly lonely: they put barriers between themselves and the rest of the world. That's typical for Russia, so I'm not surprised that post-rock is so well-developed here..."


IWFYLS – Mists Roll Away
IWFYLS – Through the Walls
IWFYLS – Distant Voices
IWFYLS – Unseen
IWFYLS – Away from Here
IWFYLS – Event Horizon
IWFYLS – Medley Season
IWFYLS – Event Horizon
IWFYLS – Sleep