Ivan Latyshev

The career of Andrey Timonin moves from a southern industrial port to Moscow, London, and then beyond. His resulting trust in hard work is tempered elsewhere - both by doubt and a faltering faith.
New work from St. Petersburg, Chelyabinsk, and Kiev inverts several assumptions of dancefloor hedonism. Discussions of physical pleasure become, instead, a preference for hushed introspection.
House recordings from Russia, Ukraine, and Moldova display high degrees of idealism. Sources of inspiration range from impressionistic prose to obscure verse and the Bible.
An offshoot of Moscow's Highway Records has published a four-track EP, full of deep house and nu-disco. The authors involved all speak of some "cosmic" potential within dancefloor hedonism.


Ivan Latyshev – Simple Minds (Aden Ray)
Ivan Latyshev – Womens Issues
Ivan Latyshev – Evening Avenue
Ivan Latyshev – Pawn (Remix of Eleven-Eleven)
Ivan Latyshev – D.L.S.M. (feat Savion)


Nina Shterenberg Coll. F/W 2012