Ivan Latyshev

Ivan Latyshev's worldview is more sobering. A first-time visitor to his web resources is likely to encounter the assertion that "he [I.L.] came from outer space - to learn how to love." Although that detached notion of romance may suggest stories like Nicolas Roeg's "Man Who to Fell to Earth" (1976), it instead frames Latyshev's approach to composition. More specifically, this talk of his "spacey" experience introduces us to a very productive form of dancefloor reverie...


Ivan Latyshev – Simple Minds (Aden Ray)
Ivan Latyshev – Womens Issues
Ivan Latyshev – Evening Avenue
Ivan Latyshev – Pawn (Remix of Eleven-Eleven)
Ivan Latyshev – D.L.S.M. (feat Savion)