Ilya Belorukov / Илья Белоруков

Ilya Belorukov is well-known as an experimental saxophonist. His work, in fact, reaches beyond the limitations of any one instrument - since he is equally accomplished on the flute - and he attempts a similar generic range, too. Belorukov's experience in improvised performance often leads him beyond all canonical limits - into unpredictable dalliances with the purest forms of noise.

One of the better-known assessments of his catalog examines precisely this boundless experimentation - from the rather pragmatic viewpoint of career development. Belorukov's impromptu aesthetic has led to the conclusion that he "is a foolhardy young man. A talented musician, he has played with many highly experienced members of the radical art scene." Talent and foolhardiness walk hand in hand.


Ilya Belorukov – Improvisation III (SIC!)
Ilya Belorukov – Work with Guitar in 3 Parts