As a producer, Vitaliy realized himself in early childhood learned extracting sounds from everything he got into his hands. Later begin to cut loop-tapes, get interest in phonosynthesis and in 2002 recorded Seqsextend album (Nexsound rec.) using Sony Playstation, that have approval of leading musicians and European music zines.

Afterwards he gets invitations to participate in experimental music festivals in Belarus, Ukraine, Poland, Russia, Latvia and Lithuania, where he played with various musicians and here are only some of them: Biosphere, Alva Noto, Frank Bretschneider, Vladislav Delay and Pole. At the same time he get around to collaborate with producers Pole (Connections), Kriipis Tulo (album Footpaths Of Autumn), H.H.T.P. (Andrey Savitsky), Gurzuf and Guy Van Belle. Within the bounds of Connections project, organized by Unsound Festival, Vitaliy Harmash and Stefan Bethke recorded a some tracks, one of was released in Connections (~scape) compilation in 2009. But 2009 year bear not only this – released album “Layers” (Lagunamuch), and album “Tetrapolar (2003 Remastered)” on label “Foundamental Network”.

His clear, volumetric and well-handled sound is like a big vivid organism that lives with its own colorful micro-life, involving you in and catching imagination. However it is complicated to determine limits of creation – he works between atmospheric and rhythmical idm and micro-sound ambient, but he doesn’t confine himself within this bounds.


I/Dex – Airtape
I/Dex – Arc 06
I/Dex – Remove
I/Dex – Arc_03
I/Dex – Live at Belarus Sound Art (Poland)
I/Dex – Footpaths of Autumn (with Tulo)
I/Dex – iii
I/Dex – ii
I/Dex – Trainsistor
I/Dex – Cene