St. Petersburg ensemble Iamthemorning have announced a new EP that builds upon some Ophelian motifs from prior recordings. The same symbolism of wistful demise appears in other towns, also.
Echochorus, a one-man project from Riga, has published a new soundtrack to the 1924 silent feature, "Aelita." Some core concerns from that recording emerge in other locations, far from the Baltic Sea.
Worries over time's swift passage inform a number of new electronic releases from four Russian locations. As it transpires that such fears are inherently material, a freedom is sought from physical experience.
Against the backdrop of digital, complex modernity, four bands sing in praise of simple and tangible joys. They are best sought, it seems, in a humbling engagement of nature's wide open spaces.
We offer a couple of female performers from Estonia: one is a fledgling artiste, introduced only today to the Moscow public. The other is a rising folk star at home. Between these two Baltic repertoires, however, lies a singular sense of tradition.
Three bands from St Petersburg help to define the possible parameters of a local sound - one that's lo-fi, deliberately amateurish, and would rather avoid anything electric


The Sky Above Us