I-Y-A / ИЯ

Kiev's Indie-Ya (aka "Інді.Я") proclaimed a love of India, France, "vegetarianism, philosophy, and love," the ensemble was founded in 2008. Yet again, inspiration was taken from the past. By way of illustration, the small catalog of Indie-Ya on one occasion drew directly from a Bollywood movie of 1969, when - from a Russian and Ukrainian point of view - dreaming, romance, and whimsy were coming to an end. The Stagnation was well under way - as a result of which, the Indian films that reached Russia looked ever more spectacular - and worryingly distant. Something was unsatisfying about local life - and so a new identity was needed.
Thus we now have I-Y-A (Ия), born - as above - of professional challenges. A fresh brings an upbeat tone. "The common thread between these new songs is a theme of human relationships. The lyrics are rich in symbolism - and spiced with metaphors, too! They've been inspired by the complications of love, wordplay, nature, and mysticism - together with a woman's strength and weaknesses." That final reference takes us directly to frontwoman Kateryna Rokova and her two long-standing colleagues Sergei Martynov and Artur Danielyan.
Rokova remembers her days in a late Soviet kindergarten, where she was introduced to the songs of Valery Leont'ev. Soviet pop fueled a much later romance.
Simultaneous performance in a children's ensemble led to concerts around France - and a love for all things Gallic that inspired the French lyrics of Indie-Ya. Yet today reality looks less promising: "Nowadays I sit at home with my daughter in a village near Kiev. It can sometimes seem that I won't find my place [in society] after such an active life. I started writing Russian-language songs, in order to sell them. But now I've changed my mind; the compositions are so private..." Rokova has spoken openly about the hurtful nature of online gossip or the malice inherent in YouTube comments.


I-Y-A – LA
I-Y-A – Sogrei menya (Warm Me)