I Will Kill Chita

IWKC or I Will Kill Chita (the band's name jokingly refers to fraternal tensions between members in the past) came to be in 2008 when the Samarin brothers, Nikita and Nikolai started a chaotic punk-garage band. The search for their own stylistic terrafirma as well as competent partner-performers has continued through almost three years.

After some years spent experimenting with the sound and line-up the band consolidated finally as a septet of Nikolai Samarin (keyboards, guitars), Nikita Samarin (drums, electronics), Andrei Silin (keyboards, electronics), Alexander Ivanov (bass), and Artem Litvakovsky (cello), Denis Smirnov (french horn), Ksenia Pluzhnikova (violin).

In this setup IWKC tends to perform well composed and arranged, completely instrumental, playful and melodic form of music with certain influences of neo-classic, art-rock, neo-psychedelia, and post-rock trends.


Maybe this is nothing more than a strange combination of coincidences. Perhaps we’re dealing with delusions – or my own personal illusions! Nonetheless, when I first played this CD, something magical happened. I had long been asked to give it a spin, but never got around to it. It seems that a faint beam has appeared in these twilight years, when – we’re informed – an age of composers is concluding. A breath of air transpires in an otherwise stuffy atmosphere of modern music. I couldn’t believe my ears or first impressions. So I got ready to play the disk again in order to confirm – or deny – my suspicions. Then I said to myself ”Stop! I won’t listen to this again!” I recalled something from my early childhood. I always admired little stones collected from the bottom of the Moscow River. They always looked so beautiful… but, once they dried out in my hands they became colorless and dull. And so a question arose: which were the true stones? The ones on the river bed or the ones in my hand? I don’t want to repeat those mistakes of my childhood. I don’t want to remove the stones from the water. I don’t want to ruin a first impression; I just hope it wasn’t incorrect. I hope somebody will feel something similar, if they play this same CD. Enjoy listening!
/Vladimir Martynov/


Ребята с задумчивостью поэтов исполняют инструментальный рок. Инструменты – барабаны, гитара, бас, клавиши, виолончель, скрипка – то неспешно беседуют друг с другом, то соединяются в мощном аккорде, неизменно сохраняя свой характер и независимость. Динамика композиций проходит все стадии вегетации: от холодного ожидания тепла до набухания почек, от робкого распускания нежных цветов до тяжести спелого плода. Музыкальное полотно может окутать слушателя ласковым шёлком, удивить пестротой сирийского ковра, а может, забыв о приличиях, реять пиратским флагом инди-рока. Мелодика заимствует что-то у музыки Востока, не забывает о гармонических поисках спейс- и прог-рока и между тем невзначай возвращает слушателей к романтическому периоду классической музыки.
Жизненная позиция IWKC такова: минор рано или поздно обернётся оптимистичным мажором; чем дольше и холоднее была зима, тем больше радости подарят тёплые дни. Согревающая и яркая музыка IWKC поможет вам создать по-настоящему весеннее настроение.