Hot Hot Hawk

The St. Petersburg community known as "We Are Russians" is busy gathering electronic projects with a special fondness for the 1980s. The soundtrack to perestroika continues to have great relevance.
Using everything from pre-revolutionary photography to Miami synth-pop and dusty video games, these musicians all cast a glance backwards. The past promises more than an "anxious" future.
Various sources of inspiration try to compensate for paltry normality. They include drugs, nostalgia, and staring at the sky. One young musician from the city of Penza hopes to bring those fleeting solutions together.


Hot Hot Hawk – Ouoo (2.25 AM)
Hot Hot Hawk – Lucky Murder (3.55 AM)
Hot Hot Hawk – Rise And Down (Moskva-Kassiopeya Remix)
Hot Hot Hawk – Rise And Down (Phalanxes Of Fingers Remix)


Electric Touch
Space Traveler