Defined in simple terms as a "noise musical project," Higanbana appears to date from December last year - and is therefore a very new reaction to a timeless dilemma: does contemporary experience find better expression in hopeful harmonies or in massive discord? Barsukov currently heads his social networking account with a phrase in Russian: "The epoch of international jazz is coming." That wording comes from a song by Aquarium, yet in the context of this atonal roaring, anything international and/or "improvisational" is probably more likely to bring chaos than calm.

The search for a philosophical anchor is transferred, on occasion, to a Russian web portal for which the artist Evgeny Barsukov voices his approval. Called "Suitcase" (Chemodan), it starts to introduce itself as follows: "Our life leads us heaven knows where..." That sense of growing disorder is, hopefully, countered by gathering various expressions of wit and consoling wisdom in one place. "We will put different books, records, cassettes, and discs into this [imaginary] suitcase. We will include all kinds of paintings and photographs here, both artistic and documentary materials. Our suitcase has room for everything."


Higanbana – Devastation Magic, Apr. 2013
Higanbana – Natural Symphony, May 2013