Hamlet His Highness

Over and above these global efforts and passions, Alexander Haletski performs as Hamlet His Highness. Under that moniker, some telling observations have now come to light. Online reviews have been kind to the newest recordings, called "For Serious Things." Talk turns to "melancholic themes," "psychedelic space music," and - just as importantly - "odd scraping sounds." Other blogs, using the slightly more specific designations of "ambient," "chillout," "dub," and "electroacoustic," have been happy to include Hamlet His Highness within lists of the season's very best Slavic music. "There's an anxious, bluesy tone here, a kind of virtual post-rock, merged with the guitars of Krautrock, instrumental hip-hop, trip-hop noir, plus some melancholy electroacoustic idm."



Тревожное блюзовое вступление, навеянное музыкой Бадаламенти, лирический почти-пост-рок ("Letter To Friend"), электронно-гитарный краут-рок ("Toy Space Station"), инструментальный хип-хоп ("The Last Stand"), "взлётный" краут-рок ("Ahead"), нуар-трип-хоп ("December"), меланхолический электроакустический айдиэм c нежной гитарной партией ("October"), "Move", состоящая из барабанов и синтезаторного саксофона (которая могла бы получиться из сотрудничества Раймонда Паулса или Игоря Корнелюка и группы Red Snapper), псифолковая электроакустическая "Water", депрессивная трип-хоповая "Instead Of Miles", экспрессивный гитарный трайбал-эмбиент "Jumbo", и "The Unpleasant Dub", в духе позднего Ино, в которой большинство звуков сыграно на гитаре с использованием кольцевого модулятора.