Gran+ / Serg Dro / Сергей Дробышевский

Known also to Belarusian audiences as a member of the idm project Eepl Cat, Sergi Drobyshevskii has actually been writing electronic material since 2005. In bringing those achievements up to date via Gran+, he has told the Minsk Foundamental organization that these newest sounds should conjure the following atmosphere. "You're walking along on a cold night - going home to bed. Before you fall asleep, though, you'll look at all those street lights. Things start to seem clearer. The night is calm, the air smells fresh, and there's the music, too. You're gradually submerged in sound. Music, after all, is real life. For some people music [merely] occupies a certain position in their life. For me, though, it's the very flow of life itself..."


Gran+ – Gentle Sigh
Gran+ – Kuranty
Gran+ – TeT-A-TeT
Gran+ – SV Box
Gran+ – November
Gran+ – Love Is God