Grace in Space / Lev Babiy

Babiy publishes through the label known as Aura Music in Russia's southern - and sunny - city of Krasnodar. Aura Music is a project dedicated to the promotion of Russian deep, progressive, and tech-house recordings. Together these people and places give us a quick insight into the influence of distance upon possible development.
Some of Babiy's earlier publications have been dedicated to blissfully immaterial topics such as "Pleasure" and "Compassion." And this week we now have new Grace in Space recordings entitled "Free Fall" and "Pluto." On an even grander scale, Babiy has played upon the secondary meaning of his Christian name and launched a side-project known as "Lion Love & Kochnev."

In September, 2010 Lion Love & Kochnev track - I Believe In Love got to compilation of Moonbeam "SpaceOdyssey-Venus" which was licensed on such giant of the musical industry as Black Hole Recordings.

On June 1, 2011 the remix on Re-Zone track - Are You Ready For Ges Fest entered into the three of finalists of competition of remixes on, and as the winner, Lion Love made a speech as a duet at the All-Russian Festival of electronic music and extreme sports of GES Fest.