The work of Belarusian folktronica ensemble Shuma (Šuma) is defined with an intriguing turn of phrase: "digital archaica." A new collection of remixes helps to explain that bond of tradition and hi-tech.
A Belarusian "ethno-jazz" ensemble announces some remixed, yet traditional compositions. That same desire to stay relevant through reinvention informs a number of other dance releases.
Four instrumental producers from Minsk and St. Petersburg see their newest works as an alternative to frustrating, if not awful reality. The worse actuality appears, the more they fantasize.
Two new St. Petersburg recordings romanticize the homeless, aimless experience of cosmonauts. Even in Moscow, a related desire is audible, even among the most goal-driven musicians.
Not surprisingly, some of the language used to praise US styles within Slavic music borrows from American slang. Talk of anything "cosmically" impressive, however, goes way beyond cliche. A wide range of related imagery opens up.


Gorbach – Chamber No.5
Gorbach – Time
Gorbach – The Paranoid
Gorbach – New Birth
Gorbach – Funky
Gorbach – Dream (feat. Diamos Roll)