Gidropony are from the provincial city of Saransk, a location unknown to most people in the West. That situation is unlikely to change, either. As with many such places across Russia, the population is slowly dropping, while industry, robbed of any erstwhile support from a centralized Soviet system, is also decelerating or declining. In a word, many towns across Central Russia are undergoing a similarly sad experience, slipping into obscurity. The residents of such places undoubtedly have a hard time summoning - let alone maintaining - any sense of civic pride.

Locals spend their hard-earned wages on goods from far away, which simply exacerbates the town's future... A pronounced melancholy ensues, especially because Saransk was founded as a trading town - more than four hundred years ago. Trade built the region - and now undermines it.


Gidropony – 7th Crushed Joystick
Gidropony – Church of Fame
Gidropony – Appetence
Gidropony – Cherry Bomb
Gidropony – Weekend Riot
Gidropony – Love Song
Gidropony – Puppet Show
Gidropony – Viva la Apocalypse
Gidropony – Acidhead
Gidropony – Princess lea in searches of ec