Garazh N'iutona / Гараж Ньютона

The name of this band - The Grand Astoria - comes from a famous hotel in their hometown of St Petersburg, built in 1912 and then renovated in 1991. Those dates alone give us a snapshot of the building's cultural significance. As one of the city's most famous hotels, it was designed as a final ex...
Newton's Garage (Garazh N'iutona) are a very young outfit from the Ukrainian city of Kharkov. The band's four members are Iaroslav Raff (vocals and rhythm guitar), Sergei Surin (guitar), Egor Marynenko (bass) and Sergei Beketov (drums). Thus far, this description is in no way extraordinary; the...


Garazh N'iutona – Mir (Peace/World)
Garazh N'iutona – The Final Romantic
Garazh N'iutona – You're Talking. I'm Not Listening