Fingalick / Tomas Narkevičius

When FFM first came across his work, we paid attention to one of his pithier and more programmatic statements, built upon metaphors of fluidity and motion, rather than any predetermined or dogmatic contention. Confidence, in other words, came in part from a lack of goal-driven enterprise. It's evidently hard work, all the same. He employed no more than a handful of impressionistic terms to advocate a state that's far from speech – and therefore fixedness. When asked about his potential as a young composer and his ability to publish, he spoke in terms of (endless) musical motion, rather than inflexible targets: "I can make it pour. [I am] the musician of a new generation."


Fingalick – Bloom
Fingalick – His Story
Fingalick – Bedwetters and Love Letters
Fingalick – His Story