Feyorz / Ilya Bodrov

One might argue that the prohibitive cost of high-end technology (i.e., of studio time or an editing suite) is what leads to the lo-fi, retrospective romance of Feyorz (otherwise known as Ilya Bodrov, a resident of Tula and founder of the Ritmo Sportivo label). Not long ago he published a debut beat tape, entitled "Luvblvrs." Steeped in the romance of B&W cinema and US soul classics, the album happily displayed an unhurried, soporific reverie. Slack tape-loops, stuttering samples, and background vinyl crackle all gave the impression of a well-loved, aging mechanism that had no intention of running quickly.


Feyorz – Need4u ft. Gillepsy
Feyorz – If I Had a Chance
Feyorz – Nevaleav
Feyorz – Some Hearts Still Beat
Feyorz – Feelin'
Feyorz – Cinema
Feyorz – Feelin'
Feyorz – If She Could Stay (5.54 AM)
Feyorz – Lovers Interlude (5.02 AM)
Feyorz – And Spring Will Hug U (3.17 AM)