Enko / Енко

В данный момент живу в Киеве. Открыт для сотрудничества.
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From a host of relatively small cities come peculiar noises. Each borrows from the romance of a rock tradition, but actuality soon undermines any confidence or swagger. Reverie takes something of a beating.
56 Stuff and Subwise are St. Petersburg netlabels. They share a common outlook in that both projects use irony and unpredictability in order to counter the goal-driven pragmatism of commercial music.
Nu Aura is a netlabel from St. Petersburg, acting as virtual home to a wide range of Russian musicians. This week sees the release of a hushed, understated compilation, designed to investigate expressive options beyond speech.
Three Ukrainian recordings from Kiev and Sumy consider the limits of local architecture and other structures. Escape, it seems, is conceivable through domestic tradition - and timeless intuition
Four new electronic releases this week from Russia and Ukraine look at the role of mistakes in the creation of a less contrived, more "natural" art form. Silence and spontaneity play an important role
Two new recordings of interest have appeared from various ends of the Russian-speaking world: one comes from an outlying corner of the Moscow region - Elektrostal' - and the other from Sumy in northern Ukraine. Both authors of these net-releases have been the subject of our attention before, so...
Over the last week or so, new releases have come to us from several young electronic musicians whom we've championed at least once before. The three figures in question are Little Nastya (aka Stas Uvarovskii), Enko (aka "Artem" [above]), and Moscow drone exponents, AAGSF. What has become especia...
Three new electronic releases from independent Russian, Belarusian, and Ukrainian sources this week have - unbeknown to one another - voiced similar themes of what we might call minorization. The first comes from a southern city on the banks of the river Volga, Astrakhan. This is the birthplace...
The new EP from Enko comes to us from Bypass Records, a fascinating netlabel based in Beijing. They have been responsible for a number of recordings made not only in Russia, but Ukraine, Moldova, and Latvia. This bold sense of sonic adventure, unlimited by language or political geography, has be...


Enko – Jaguar S
Enko – Stouk
Enko – I Wanna Be Your Dog
Enko – AOP
Enko – Kont (JZL)
Enko – Misstrip
Enko – Son On Ton
Enko – nasmork
Enko – dush
Enko – sues


I Love Kiev (Day One, 2011)