Elphy Ant

Even though this odd stage name has been applied since 2007 to a range of intriguing electronic EPs and full-length albums, Misha Yudchenko's career as Elphy Ant actually moves further afield, into video art. This transition or expansion occurs primarily through his projection-mapping company. Projection mapping has become increasingly evident in Moscow and St. Petersburg over the last few years: visual effects are directed onto the side of otherwise frozen buildings and monuments, creating the impression that their facades are, in fact, malleable. The past moves.


Elphy Ant – Earth
Elphy Ant – Neverending Waterfalls (Dasha Shults)
Elphy Ant – Timestretching (Intro)
Elphy Ant – Timestretching
Elphy Ant – Sunspot
Elphy Ant – On
Elphy Ant – The Door
Elphy Ant – The Door