Elf and Puppet House / Сергей Романов

this one-man project - Sergei Romanov - operates in the name of some (very) minor figures. "I have dolls and elves here with me. They've neither a past, nor any names." The music composed in their honor is "noisy and lo-fi... but it's really nice, too!" In a similarly self-mocking tone, Romanov has advertised some recordings this season together with a triple promise of "music, sex, and snow!" The self-assured language of PR looks risible between lo-fi clamor and bad weather. Reflecting the same patterns of slow demise, Elf & Puppet House was once a duo, but half the band moved to China. Romanov, perhaps in the absence of any grand plans today, has felt inclined to release tracks on cheap cassettes.

"Our music's ideally suited to that format."

Проект образован в апреле 2008 года двумя друзьями, в городе Нижний Новгород, на фоне общей любви к шугейзу и шумным экспериментам. Отличается довольно высокой плодотворностью и совершенно нетипичным, для своего местообитания, стилем.