Dzierzynski Bitz

The Stereoleto Festival in St. Petersburg will take place in mid-July, 2013. Over and above the international headliners, much time is given to young Russian bands - for a very good reason.
From Moscow, Kiev, Yekaterinburg, and Tallinn come songs of yearning. All of these performers offers stories of desire, yet cast similar doubt upon the logical goal of their impassioned striving.
The Heather and Dzierzynski Bitz are two Moscow ensembles that employ a monotonal, trebly sound in order to evoke the distant times of childhood - or the Soviet '60s


Dzierzynski Bitz – Zhenshchina (Woman)
Dzierzynski Bitz – Vzyat' Siloi (Take by Force)
Dzierzynski Bitz – Sex in the ZSSR


Sex w ZSSR
Live at Forma