Jahzoviy / ДЖАзовый

On occasion, the musicians documented at FFM live or work beyond the traditional limits of their native tongue: they may have emigrated or simply reside in places where political changes have influenced mapmaking. Both of those scenarios - geographic and political - apply to the career of Artem Jahzovyi (or Dzhazovyy), who lives in the town of Rudnyi, Kazakhstan. Just south of the Russian border, Rudnyi is a mining community with a very short history; that brief chronology begins - and perhaps ends - with the Soviet system.

Legend has it that a pilot flying over this area, not long after WWII, noticed the strange behavior of his compass; further investigation led to the discovery of huge iron ore deposits in the land below. By the early 1950s, "tent towns" appeared as the first Soviet miners and engineers were dispatched to the area from Russia. Given that Rudnyi's name comes itself from the Russian word for "ore," it's evident that future job-seekers traveled southwards to this isolated location for one reason alone. Employment was plentiful, at least until the 1980s...


Jahzoviy – Prosnis' (Wake Up)
Jahzoviy – Poisk Tebya (The Search for You)
Jahzoviy – Luchshaia Mechta (The Best Dream)
Jahzoviy – Hey, Angeline
Jahzoviy – Chisteishaia (Purest)
Jahzoviy – All about Her
Jahzoviy – Nostalgie
Jahzoviy – We Wandered 'cross the Universe
Jahzoviy – Cherry Sunset