Diamos Roll

Minsk's Diamos Roll (Dmitry Litvinovich) is known primarily in his homeland for playing keyboards with the ensemble Cherry Vata. Operating here as a solo artist, Litvinovich has made some gentlemanly criticism in the past of life within the micro-social setting of a band. Different environments are imagined - in differing ways.

By way of evidence, his last publication - through a side-project called Fantom Sea - implied that solitude often allows one to imagine superior membership within better structures. The artwork and general aesthetic of Fantom Sea proposed that a maritime vista looks better than most crowds. Mother Nature is more appealing without a human presence. Dreams, on this prior occasion, would trump real-world drudgery.


Diamos Roll, он же Дмитрий Литвинович, является основателем группы CherryVata и лейбла Ezhevika. В конце 2011 года Diamos Roll издал EP «Rosecode», который получил много положительных отзывов, а музыкальный вебзин «Que» включил его в топ альбомов 2011 года, поставив работу белорусского продюсера в один ряд с Amon Tobin.


Diamos Roll – Triple Strike (CherryVata Edit)
Diamos Roll – Last Night (Koloah Remix)
Diamos Roll – Jazz Isntinct