New publications from St. Petersburg, Krasnoyarsk, Arkhangelsk, and Krasnodar all reflect the importance of location and climate. A northern reserve and/or restraint is countered by a southern maximalism.
A selection of future bass, garage, and chillwave releases all draw upon the symbolism of space. They speak less and less of concrete places, dreaming instead of endless forests, oceans... or the cosmos.
Origami Sound and Gimme5 are two netlabels with connections to artists in St. Petersburg and Siberia. From those locations we hear the competing sounds of science fiction and classic romanticism, side by side.
Hyperboloid Records is a discerning Moscow label dedicated to some of the best bass-, 8-bit, and "brain-music" practitioners of the present. What, therefore, appears striking is the label's use of prior decades for inspiration.
These compositions from Khabarovsk, Orenburg, and Kiev all reference dubstep - or its cultural consequences. As we see, however, not all the stereotypes associated with bass music travel very well.
This week, Error Broadcast announces the publication of nineteen remixes, all based upon Dza's 2010 release "Five-Finger Discount." A limited number of copies will appear on cassette - for locally specific reasons
These two outfits have nothing in common, musically speaking. Nonetheless, their new mixes say a great deal about the relationship between maximalism and somehow making songs "better"
These artists are from far-flung cities around Russia, but enjoy professional connections that actually seem to benefit from the distances involved. One of those advantages is a healthy sense of modesty or romantic irony
From the southern city of Krasnodar and the edge of Central Asia come some new compositions that play with aspects of UK dubstep. They do so in response to local social quandaries


Demokracy – Eskimo (Dza Remix)
Demokracy – Have Space Suit, Will Travel
Demokracy – Double Star
Demokracy – Deadhead


Starhaven (Jullllzzeedd by DZA)