Delete - псевдоним подмосковного музыканта, сочиняющего электронную музыку на стыке dubstep, ambient и future garage.


A recent interview with a western webzine asked Delete of his "musical mission." Why compose at all? His answer: "To make people remember their roots and their history." It's interesting, with that same mission in mind, to note the interrogative tagline attached to some 2015 recordings: "Have you ever walked the streets of Saint Petersburg?" The world's most northerly city, perched on the edge of unruly and frozen waters, is playing a teacherly role. Delete uses the world-famous imprecision of this address, swathed in mist, in order to teach people a lesson or two.

It was in 1824 that Saint Petersburg fell victim to its most infamous flood, a citywide disaster that led both poets and politicians alike to ponder the wisdom of building an imperial capital on northern swampland. Nature stole (back) that which seemingly belonged to a regal, urban system. The elements ravaged a neoclassical construct. Delete's best tracks of 2015 are dedicated directly to the river that caused that damage, the Neva.


Delete – Neverending Story (with Sotus - Atiq Remix)
Delete – Neverending Story (with Sotus)
Delete – Neva (Mirror State remix)
Delete – Air Raid Waltz
Delete – Left to Wander
Delete – Remember Us (Lostlojic remix)
Delete – Walk the Line (w. Sotus)
Delete – Sonatine
Delete – Psychosomatika 2
Delete – Abandoned Building