Andrei Oid is a Riga-born exponent of ambient and minimal techno. He expresses distaste for the aesthetic and audiences of mainstream music. This flight from convention soon becomes dramatic.
As the V-ROX Festival gets underway in Vladivostok, rock bands from around Russia come together - in a city that's maximally distant from the capital. Issues of geography come quickly to the fore.
Two synthpop outfits joke about the unsuitability of easygoing optimism for Slavic lands. Over time, though, the ability to maintain an upbeat worldview becomes profoundly subversive.
Emerging from distant Yakutsk, some glitchy instrumentals advertise themselves as a form of hypnosis. Other simultaneous publications, however, give way to a more fatalistic view of isolation.
Three publications from St. Petersburg, Petrozavodsk, and Krasnodar all display romantic faith in northern nature or the cosmos, even - as an alternative to modernity. From Vladivostok come some much darker sounds.
Three of these projects epitomize a very English melancholy or turn instead to the dark and fuzzy registers of witch-house. The fourth locks itself in a bathroom until somebody starts writing music.


Crossparty – Flashbacks
Crossparty – Lost Girls
Crossparty – Dress
Crossparty – Cave
Crossparty – Queens
Crossparty – Hunter (Summer Of Haze Remix)