New electronic works from Taganrog, Togliatti, Izhevsk, and Dmitrov shy away from both lyrics and wordy PR. For all that avoidance of specificity, however, tempting linkages endure between these sounds and their location.
These four recordings - from some very distant corners of the Russian map - are designed to consider the workings of fantasy. Musicians yearn far from home, yet remain worried over what - if anything - awaits them...
Several new darkwave and glitch-hop recordings share some related concerns. They ponder the decline and demise inherent in material existence. Fatalism and decadence go head-to-head in response.
A host of excellent glitch-hop recordings has appeared this week: all the way from the Pacific Coast to rural Lithuania. Many of them share an enthusiasm for metaphors of flight, fantasy, and family.
Various glitch and lo-fi recordings this week offer a nervous view of surrounding actuality. The brittle structure of these instrumentals speaks to a marked distance from confident self-statement.
The common ground between these projects (from Togliatti, Kudymkar, and Dmitrov) lies in their use of ambient noise. They find promising, yet disconcerting liberties beyond social, spatial, and even mortal limits. The results can be worrying.
New recordings from these three projects have their roots in some distant, romantic locations: Novosibirsk, Arkhangelsk, and Irkutsk. Perhaps as a result, a pattern of natural, elemental metaphors overshadows any technical chutzpah.
These young instrumentalists from Dmitrov, Moscow, and Minsk turn to significances beyond the ken of language. Through tools such as the Vocoder or the tricks of turntablism, they consider the role of silence within stuttering, faulty sentences.
Mako Records (Moscow) and Sub-Line (Yekaterinburg) are a couple of labels specializing in bass music, grime, and/or dubstep. Within those styles - and between the labels - a common worldview starts to take shape.
New recordings from the ancient towns of Moscow's periphery draw upon the retro-instruments of Soviet fantasy films. The tools once used to orchestrate science fiction are now applied to today's social challenges


Chushi – Whois
Chushi – Ying Run
Chushi – V0LF (Matthewdavid Chushi RMX)
Chushi – V025
Chushi – Panj
Chushi – Uzi (with Nipple Tapes)
Chushi – Wpoo Pt (with Nipple Tapes)
Chushi – yubtru
Chushi –