Once upon a time, we discovered a young musician by the name of Chushi. The music initially made available to us had developed amid a hubbub of tape hiss, radio interference, and vinyl crackle. Slowly there appeared a seemingly random selection of little-known '70s soul/R&B samples. Each was quickly spliced or looped a couple of times - before falling back once more into the kind of faltering sounds that recall a sickly tape recorder.


Chushi – Whois
Chushi – Ying Run
Chushi – V0LF (Matthewdavid Chushi RMX)
Chushi – V025
Chushi – Panj
Chushi – Uzi (with Nipple Tapes)
Chushi – Wpoo Pt (with Nipple Tapes)
Chushi – yubtru
Chushi –