Cepasa / Павел Ленченко

"Creating music is the best possible feeling in the world. When you finally discover the pieces you need [to solve a compositional puzzle], it feels as if you're in a different world. And one other occasions, when you've just listened to your own finished efforts for the first time, you get a genuine insight into the unknown. Music is the strongest stuff of all, you know. Artists, designers, engineers, and writers all adore it. Musicians, for example, can stare at a work of artistic genius and see nothing. The strongest effect comes from audiovisual art." Linear narratives and syntax dissolve in "directionless" audiovisual events.

The experience is likened to "another world." It's a parallel state - neither a goal nor a fixed location.


Cepasa – But You Dont Know
Cepasa – Nove (Thvn Remix)
Cepasa – Even More
Cepasa – But You Don't Know