One Russian webzine speaks of its "melodic fragments, hanging in the air. This LP is a sonic collage, full of images and reverb that both float and metamorphose... This music isn't really meant for the dance floor. Instead listeners will discover a gentle melancholy and air of detachment."

The artist's label––Hyperboloid in Moscow––uses exactly the same language, entirely by coincidence. "Emotional, yet detached. These are epic sounds produced in a huge, empty space where everybody is [inexorably] alone––as in the feeds of today's social media." And then Moscow's The Village declares "de" to be "post-dance music, a new kind of found sound." In which case, Russian listeners interpret these staccato, glitchy instrumentals as contemporary field recordings. They're the remnants of an erstwhile narrative, of a defunct story.


Cadeu – goldfold
Cadeu – cche
Cadeu – What
Cadeu – Derjenige
Cadeu – Pyramids
Cadeu – Haven