Bvoice and Khz

One of the most discerning and understated labels on the Moscow dance scene is Udacha. Its musicians do all they can to stay anonymous, and the resulting music stays far from primetime maximalism.
From Moscow, Novosibirsk, and maybe even further come various new instrumentals dedicated to some absent object of desire. People and locations are considered in terms of distant possibilities - and a present sense of lack.
New tech-house recordings from Zaporozhye and Krasnodar lead to some questions regarding "provincial" dance music. Offering one of the most pleasant and optimistic outlooks is Mike Spirit, owner of Moscow's Highway Records.
Fullpanda is a label operating between Paris, Berlin, and Moscow. Although its founder is a long-time resident of the West, the techno sound of Fullpanda still owes much to the Russian context.
The Moscow techno and house label Pro-Tez is busy with several new releases, despite the appearance of summer. Here we pay attention to three publications - and the minimalist outlook that unifies them all. What, in other words, is the appeal of restraint and understatement?
Recent techno and tech-house recordings from both Moscow and Kiev deal with the role of a severe, insistent style in the middle of two unpredictable cities
Human Resources is/are a fledgling record label, both founded and managed in Moscow, thanks to the effort of a DJ whose work we recently examined: Artem Arshanitsa. His "HR" project could not fit within the framework of that initial article, and so we offer here some more audio, photographs, and ex...
With the summer now behind us, some of the season's events have been pleasingly/productively summarized - by various people in different places. Visitors at all manner of functions have uploaded memorabilia in a haphazard fashion. Photographs will appear from one attendee, with a little video fr...
A very appealing compilation CD appeared recently by the name of "Salat, Moskva!" - which, although it translates as "Moscow: Salad!" is presumably a play upon the French greeting "Salut!" and therefore an invitation to shared festivities. The bands taking part were reason enough for us to inves...
Time to announce the publication of another fine work from Modul, the minimal techno stars from Krasnodar.  It comes to us as a 55-minute podcast via the Highsessions netlabel that's operated from the same city by Sergei Zarin (below).  Typically these podcasts are given over to work by Zarin...
In this third and final report on Moscow's MIGZ festival of Modern Music and Media Arts, we'll say a few words about Pro-Tez, who will be presenting a showcase of their artists.  More precisely, this will consist of Mujuice, B-Voice & KHz, and DJ Korablove, among others. Pro-Tez is...


Bvoice and Khz – Hoerle UI (Axel Bartsch Spree Remix)
Bvoice and Khz – Sweet Princess (Remix of Komaton)
Bvoice and Khz – Don't Joke On Elevators EP
Bvoice and Khz – Don't Joke On Elevators EP


Ojuelas (RTS Hungary Vid.)
TLV Roof Party (iPhone)