The Moscow avant-jazz outfit known as [Br]om was founded three years ago, in order to maximize the expressive potential of a bass, saxophone, and vocal trio - living and working in a particular city. As we'll see, the radical sounds in this post are all designed in response to their urban context(s). [Br]om's earliest members, en route to local cacophony, came together after a variety of experiences with Moscow noise-core outfits, so the experimental range was bound to be considerable from the outset.

And indeed, the raison d'être of [Br]om even in those early, halcyon days was to outdo the paltry level of risk-taking on the Moscow underground scene. Whatever existed on stages around the capital, [Br]om intended to surpass it.


[Br]om – Tread
[Br]om – Needle
[Br]om – Humus