blablarism / Оксана Зморович

There are plenty of downtempo artists who are dabbling at present with markers of some vague, sinking sensation. One fine example would be Oksana Zmorovich from Kiev, who performs under the stage-name of blablarism. From the outset, linguistic specificity is cast aside. We're dealing with something odd and unnerving that lies beyond the pages of a dictionary. These imprecise noises of worry and wonder - simultaneously! - strike local listeners as very familiar. Let's begin with a couple more, rather straightforward phrases from the public at Soundcloud: "A super '80s feel. Great energy, love it!"; "I like the sound a LOT! Ghostly..."


blablarism – Enchrostid
blablarism – Heavenly Spittles
blablarism – Saoule Discours
blablarism – Ohimsosad
blablarism – Rejected, or