Bittertv / Максим Быканов

This musician lives in a town near Belgorod, which in turn is near the Ukrainian border. From the outset, a distant, unfocused spectacle is placed before us. From that peripheral location come a number of fuzzy, decelerated instrumentals tagged as "chillwave," "downtempo," and - somewhat idiosyncratically - "psychedelic TV dance."

Similar ideas and notes emerge from Russian blogs: "BitterTV is a project about which almost nothing's known. This is probably the one person in Russia whose catalog is closest to chillwave. Nonetheless, you can't say he is simply aping some modern fashion or other. The work of BitterTV never tries to fit within the framework of any given style - and that's why his output is always authentic, emotional[ly rich], and - most importantly - professional in tone."


Bittertv – Advertising Draft 1
Bittertv – Tahiti Airport Ritual Beat
Bittertv – F1 Japan GP
Bittertv – In a Broken Mirror
Bittertv – Sakura Blossom
Bittertv – Firstloveritual
Bittertv – Open New Season