Billiam Wutler Yea

The bruised, battered noises on offer from BWY are, we're told, "the result of long isolation and silence. They constitute an attempt to get somewhere - either on a mental or astral level. It's all a kind of therapy for 'anorexia of the soul.'" Ritualistic patterns go head-to-head with the noise of meat plants - and considerable tedium.

Much of the artist's catalog has just appeared online - where it's now available for free download. Some of BWY's prior output had emerged only on rare cassettes, so these digital releases are especially precious. Building upon the fuzzy, imprecise nature of his throwaway yet hard-to-find formats, he has now tried to put some of that imprecision into words. Here, in rather idiosyncratic English, he hopes to explain the non-urban, pre-modern, and even universal significances of sounds that are released from suffocating habit.