More so than many young musicians in Russia today, the work of this young producer is colored by his media. Often referencing the sun-drenched vistas of late-70s disco-funk and early 1980s US television, he draws upon the equally warm and fuzzy tones of aging VHS tapes... audio wobble included. Here he finds the "atmosphere of endless happiness." Those same media formats, one might recall, were used to capture the TV soap-stories that broke into Russian homes at the end of the Soviet period - at a time when Santa Barbara looked like another (better) planet.

What, therefore, might sound to us like outmoded, unfashionable material is - for much of Eastern Europe - suggestive of happier, forward-looking times. Bright memories emerge from faded media.


Audiosynthes – Miniparty (4.35 AM)
Audiosynthes – Spys (12.20 AM)
Audiosynthes – Out for the Count 1987 (Remix of Ian Foster)
Audiosynthes – Dead Cruise
Audiosynthes – Organopianic (Remix of Aud!os)