Art Electronix

Some St. Petersburg electronic recordings discern a happy overlap between the workings of nature and a minimalist soundscape. Civic clamor, however, often sounds louder - and more crudely.
The Nenormalizm label has announced a new compilation, bringing together a wide range of artists from neighboring lands. The connection between them all is a celebration of metamorphosis.
As the Russian or Ukrainian music industries collapse and hard - i.e., physical - media formats become worthless, the status of material experience itself is reconsidered.
As a young musician from Krasnodar does much to hide his/her gender and location online, some other electronic artists find equal appeal in vague, distant realms. "Somewhere else" looks better than home.
The Ukrainian duo Art Electronix have published some very dark and discordant portraits of massed, modern society. In other releases this week, social hope is found only in childhood or outer space.
Drawing upon the traditions of Detroit techno and Ibiza's Balearic house, some Russian and Ukrainian artists imagine distant objects of desire. They include Spanish beaches and faraway planets.
Nanoloopsis is a minimal- and deep-techno label based in the industrial city of Donetsk. Through various parallels with the heritage of Detroit, tales of artistic and technical industry come to the fore.


Summer Sea (Improvisation)
Improvisation with Korg EMX 1