Argo Vals

Argo Vals is an Estonian multi-instrumentalist and composer. His career can be traced back to 2006, when DIY tracks morphed slowly into several Baltic ensembles. Simultaneously, Vals has written music for numerous television shows, feature films, and dance productions. His debut LP, "Tsihcier," was published in December 2012. It was nominated in the Alternative/Indie category for Album of Year at Estonia's Music Awards, 2013.


Argo Vals – Imer (Remix of Galaktlan)
Argo Vals – Oksuumoron
Argo Vals – Valentinipaev (Love)
Argo Vals – Hallitussilmad Areaal (Live)
Argo Vals – Tsihcier
Argo Vals – -35 Demo (Marts 2012)
Argo Vals – Pulmavalss
Argo Vals – Sunnipaev