All Flesh Is Grass

From a St. Petersburg studio to provincial Belarus, four new recordings center around the importance of privacy. Personal desire works hard to save itself from the outside world.
Ambient and introspective recordings from Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk, and (originally) Yekaterinburg all question the promise of local reality. Beyond depressing fact lingers a vague fantasy.
Various freedoms, both social and emotional, are pondered in some new electronic recordings from Russia. As the pressures upon liberty increase, one of the artists coins the generic tag "drowntempo."
Novosibirsk's Echotourist organization has published a new album, designed to showcase a range of Siberian electronic artists. The worldview emerging from sixteen projects grows increasingly bleak.
Given the damage done to Russia's music industry by piracy, market-driven "propriety" has waned swiftly. In the absence of any fiscal logic, however, artists find their own moral standards are much more demanding.
Three electroacoustic projects from Krasnoyarsk, Moscow, and an unnamed Ukrainian location all consider the ephemeral nature of existence. Any levels of anxiety, however, quickly fade over time.
Four releases from Moscow, Krasnoyarsk, and Odessa cast doubts upon the material aspect of language. These artists both list and lambaste various social pressures associated with speech