All Flesh Is Grass

All Flesh Is Grass - это Саша Хирург и Дима Арктор - двое молодых людей из Красноярска. Их музыка представляет хип-хоп с эмбинет- нойзовым саундом, начиненным гитарными сэмплами. Название коллектива происходит от библейского «Всякая плоть – трава, и вся красота её – как цвет полевой» (Книга Пророка Исаии 40:6).


This stage-name contains a high degree of drama. Taken, in fact, from Isaiah 40:6, this stark expression of human transience has been famously employed over the decades within German classical music, English poetry, American novels, and even Norwegian dark metal. The connotations are sobering, to say the least.

The membership of All Flesh Is Grass has been - and remains - minimal: Dima Arktor and Sasha Khirurg. Those musicians offered us in 2011 a brief and striking introduction to their raison d'être: "Sasha throws [haphazard] rocks in the direction of society's consumerism. In doing so, he draws upon a full arsenal of expressive options: biting turns of phrase, memorable situations from his past, and various notes scribbled on cigarette packs. Together they form a kind of humanistic outlook - one driven by an undying need to relate the bitter truths of existence."