Algambra / Альгамбра

Nature proves a potent source of wisdom for Algambra (Alhambra/Альгамбра), also from the capital. "We are a world music project, combining various ethnic trajectories. Music of the Near East, India, and the Mediterranean is interwoven in a minimalist spirit of contemporary harmonies." One Moscow observer notes: "The compositions segue or slide into one another, creating a sonic flow with elements of some Eastern melody, perhaps flamenco, Indian music... and other influences."

The band members are keen to divorce these sounds from any one physical location. "We actually don't play ethnic music in the strict sense of the term. That would require an upbringing in the East itself or, to take a contrary example, we'd need to become aboriginal Australians. Instead our music allows you to surround yourself with a rush of various sounds. It's important not to treat this as background music!"


Algambra – Horses
Algambra – Night Song