4Tapes' members originate - simultaneously - from towns such as Apatity (near Murmansk), Neftekamsk (close to Ufa), Moscow, and Vologda. Educational opportunities have even taken one 4Tapes representative to Vancouver, where he is currently studying. The absence of industry norms and the presence of basic hardware have together done much to generate novel, amicable work patterns. A digital closeness mirrors the dimensions of a "post-piracy" cafe.

The young men of 4Tapes all met through social networks or music portals (typically Soundcloud). "We really just came together by chance. First of all there were four people involved, but the line-up now involves roughly six of us. We decided to combine our efforts and turn out some music - just for the love of it..."


4Tapes – Longing
4Tapes – Cosmos