Given the difficulties of maintaining any enduring faith in the future, one can certainly understand the more spontaneous workplace philosophy of 2WeeksonYacht," a fleeting Moscow trio made of Leonid Lipelis, Nick Fanick and Sasha Lipsky (who plays in Pomepya).
This new work - "Hot Point" - emerged without special planning: friendship and impulsive energy proved themselves to be more fruitful. Leonid Lipelis kindly offered us something of a backstory: "This music came together purely by chance. The guys and I all met at my place. We sat down at the computer and put everything together, word by word. The sample you hear of singing grandmothers reached me by way of my older brother: he gave me a folder that was full of ethnic vocal performances. I copied that sample almost ten years ago and used it just now for the first time, probably."


2WeeksonYacht – Hot Point (Arsenii Remix)